Using handheld massage guns are one of the most popular ways to massage your own body. The materials used are usually slightly shaped like a drill or big gun, with a striking point that continuously penetrate into your muscles.

If you are hurting because of your last exercise routine, or if you are all knotted up from sitting for a long period of time, getting a massage can be a reliable way to relieve pain.

But if going to a spa resort is too expensive for you, you may want to find a way to get the massage you’ll need at home.

Although some health specialist say that massage guns can be effective in relieving muscle pain, it is important to understand their benefits, limitations, and features before buying them.

Massage guns are being recommended by professional athletes and fitness gurus.

Here’s what you need to know about a massage gun, what to expect from one, and how to use it if you decide to try it.


What are massage guns?

A massage gun, aka- a percussion massager, is a hand-held tool that strengthens body tissues by providing a quick little burst of concentrated pulse pressure.

These tools are for your muscles and are designed to be used when you are in pain or stiffness.

The percussion therapy provided by a massage gun will help to loosen your tight muscles and will increase blood flow to the painful area.

A deep muscle massage can be done on body areas with heavier muscle mass, such as the neck, back, shoulders and legs to help reduce or prevent muscle pain.

You can use a massage gun when you want to relieve muscle tension, but it can be beneficial to use it after exercise to promote recovery by reducing muscle pain.

Remember this about the massage gun if you’re thinking of getting one.

When you put the gun on the muscles that are sore and when you switch it on, the gun head will vibrate with high frequency and low amplitude of movement.

Which will promote faster recovery and increase performance and after all decreasing your muscle pain.


How to Use Massage Guns?

Pain relief using massage guns

You can use a massage gun any time you want to relieve the tension from your muscles, but it is mainly and often used before and after exercise.

By warming up, using a massage gun will decrease pain or stiffness of the exercise from the previous day or days and rejuvenate the muscles before the exercise routine.

In addition, it’s better for use within 48 hours after exercise to help reduce pain and improve recovery.

To get the best results using the gun effectively, where tightness is occurring on your body, take the massager and start moving the gun over the muscle area.

Add some pressure to the area as you can tolerate, but not too much. As the instructions tell you.

Usually, there is a control button on the gun to increase the pressure. Remain in an area for 15 to 30 seconds, or go up and down on the area for a couple of minutes.

Many massage guns will come with a monitor connected to the app to guide you on how far to go and for how long.

Avoid trying to treat around the skeletal areas. And if you have an injury, check with your doctor before using a massage gun on it.

Try to avoid going over any area of ​​severe pain or injury, which could make the problem worse.

If you feel too much pain after using a massage gun, you were probably pushing on the area with too much force or perhaps too long.

Remember, your main focus is to relax and feel good, not to suffer. And if you have sensitivity to the nerves or severe vein thrombosis, or if you are pregnant, consult your physician before you use any massage guns.

Also, if you know you are easily to be injured, make sure the speed and attachment are right for you to use on your body.


What to look for when referring to massage guns before buying

Reliable massage guns

Massage guns are not cheap. The most expensive guns can cost several hundred dollars, that’s why you should check your purchase thoroughly.

You can search online for some reviews to get started, You will find plenty. Because massage guns come in a variety of sizes, consider your comfort zone when deciding how big you want them to be, and what muscles you’re using it for.

Many of them will have adjustable heads and handles that going to make it easier to get to certain body parts.

Consider, also, if you want to take your device with you when going to other places; in that case, the small massage guns may be the best choice for you, as they can easily fit into a carry bag.

Regardless of the size, check that the gun will have a different attachment to help you work on the hard-to-reach areas.

The massage gun need to have different settings, for you to choose from soft or very strong percussive movements.

Pay attention to how loud the gun is sounding or the gun intensity, that might have you thinking more on using it.

Massage therapy is a great way to reduce muscle pain and soreness. Furthermore, you do not need to go to a specialist or spa resorts to get results you need.


How often can Massage guns be used?

Massage guns to use when needed

It is safe for you to use the massage gun daily if you use the right techniques and do not exceed the recommended use time provided by the supplier.

most massage guns come with instructions that specify how long to use the tool in a given schedule.

Using the massage gun excessively on one muscle or group of muscles can lead to sensitivity or pain.

If you use the massage gun in short time you will be missing out and may not get any benefits. 

If you are unsure whether you are using your massage gun on time, go back to your device’s instructions.


Don’t Use any Massage Guns

Generally, massage guns are safe for relieving muscle pain and as a tool to improve your stamina. However, you should know about the common misuse of massage guns.

Do not use massage guns:

  • In areas with bones
  • On sprains and sprains injuries
  • Wounds or open cuts
  • If you have major pain
  • In addition to talking to your doctor if you have arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia or other musculoskeletal condition


Ways to choosing massage guns

People who want to buy a massage gun may want to consider:

  • Strength and Speed: Many models of massage guns offer a choice of speed and power.
  • Portability: Some models are lightweight and compact and have long battery life to facilitate navigation.
  • Design: Some massage guns can make access to body parts difficult to achieve by having features such as an extended handle.
  • Warranties and reviews: Reading reliable product reviews can help when deciding on the best model. It is also important to consider the terms of the warranty, in case there is an error or need to change the product.


Health benefits

Other benefits massage guns may include:

  • relaxation to muscle and tissue
  • temporary relief from stress
  • to block DOMS
  • increased blood flow and blood circulation
  • increase higher performance in sports

It has been found that the tremor effects from a massage gun can help with strength and mobility in people with peripheral artery disease. And that treatment for convulsions can also be beneficial for adults with cerebral palsy.

Some Other health conditions massage guns may be helpful to them include:

  • inflammation of the soft tissues
  • tissue from scarring
  • fibromyalgia
  • sciatica
  • osteoarthritis

Massage guns can also be helpful for those with sleep-related conditions, as muscle relaxation can help control body stress.


Massage Guns to try ?

As you began to learn more about massage guns types and different features, you will see and discover a wide range of amazing options at Walmart or other online stores, from deep-pressed deep tissue massagers to the most relaxed massage guns to relieve stress using a soft touch.

They are good choices to start out with these are less expensive guns. fits with your budget, they are all great in performance.

Focusing in on some of the top user reviews and the device information, here are some massage guns to consider trying.


Handheld Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

Massage guns with comfort grip

This hand-held massager is a practical solution for your personal fitness, relaxation, and physical therapy needs. Identify specific areas of your body with four flexible head attachment attachments.

Use them as part of your regular exercise or treatment while healing from an injury. Multi-level vibration frequencies, help relieve long-term pain relief, blood circulation, and reduce swelling in hard-to-reach areas and more.

This is an ideal massage solution — whether you sit at a desk all day or “live” as a professional athlete, FitRx Pro offers an easy way to promote a healthy body.

Relax. Recovery. Comfortable. Increase your muscle recovery after exercise and eliminate fatigue and pain with the FitRx Pro Muscle Massage Gun.

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Muscle Massage Guns for Pain Relief

Massage guns fit for everyone

Gym-goers and even athletes dealing with chronic pain loves the powerful Renewgoo massager for many reasons.

Percussive therapy can help muscles recover faster, decrease muscle pain and lactic acid formation, increase flexibility, promote blood circulation and so on.

Renewgoo muscle massage stimulant deep and powerful vibration, can help speed up muscle recovery, decrease chronic pain, improvement to mobility increasing blood flow to break muscle knots, and lower inflammation / lactic acid formation.

The Renewgoo cordless massager is high power with low noise, you can use it at home, in the gym and at the office, it has a touch screen display, to easily access power information, control speed with touch, make your operation much easier, and get more comfortable feeling.

Try Renewgoo


Portable Super Quiet Massager

Handheld massage guns to use on body

The deep tissue massager produce soften tight muscles and soften the surrounding tissues, giving a relaxing effect to the affected area.

It helps to speed up the athlete’s recovery from strenuous exercise, and it is good for those who need to relax the muscles, to get rid of body fatigue.

By improving blood flow, improve your range of motion, reduce tension, and make you feel better and more comfortable in daily life.

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Muscle Massage Gun

All day use handheld massage guns

This percussion massager will massage all the muscles in your body and promote blood circulation and help speed up both warmth and recovery.

The handgun gun offers 30 speeds of up to 3200 rpm. Whether it’s muscle relaxation after exercise or daily exercise, you can easily find the most appropriate vibration amplitude.

This massager gun uses the latest technology in reducing noise. Even at high speeds, a muscle gun gun will not exceed 60 db. 

Also, the ergonomic design means that the product is comfortable and easy to use.

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30 Speed ​​Massage Gun

Handheld massage guns for athletes

The massage gun is equipped with powerful 30-speed levels (blows up to 3200rpm), reaching tissues as deep as 16mm for massage intensity and pressure.

Provide good massage from daily massage to deep massage. It will make you want to sleep, redefine your sense of relaxation!

This massage gun Relax and reduce lactic acid in the body Reduce the delay of muscle pain Help speed up muscle recovery and more.

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An important point

Using massage guns is a great way to relax muscles that has tighten up on you, Whether you are very active in atheletics, exercise at home or are accustomed to having some sort of pain.

As massage guns vary in strength, size, attachment, and price, it is important to take the time and research before making a purchase.

Remember, Massage guns offer an easy way to reduce muscle pain.

By considering your needs and using our selection, we are sure you will find the right massager for you.

Massage therapy is a great way to reduce muscle pain and soreness. Furthermore, you do not need to go to a specialist or spa resorts to get results you need.


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 Informational purposes only, It is important to consult with a doctor or health professional.