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If you don’t know, Sciatica is a common pain condition that affects up to 10% of the population. The exact cause of Sciatica pain is not known, but researchers studying Sciatica speculate that compression at the sacroiliac joint could be responsible.

In this article, we are going to talk about massagers that can help relieve sciatica pain in both short and long term use.

Massagers, such as those made by Therabody and Renpho, have been found to have an immediate beneficial effect on sciatica relief and should therefore be considered by anyone suffering from this condition as an important part of their treatment regime.


What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is one of the most common forms of musculoskeletal pain.

That occurs when pain travels down the spine from the lower back, through the buttocks and hips to your lower leg.

It usually starts in the lower back and causes pain that can be quite severe and even permanent.

Sciatica has many different causes, and can occur for a number of reasons.


  • stress
  • changes in posture and activity level
  • pregnancy or childbirth
  • aging and injury


sciatic nerve

The term sciatica is a combination of Sciatic nerve.

The sciatic nerve supplies sensation to our muscles in our legs and feet which are located near the bottom of the body.

When this happens, severe pain will travel up the back towards the knees.

While there is no cure for sciatica, there are ways to ease the symptoms.

Such as massage therapy to help reduce muscle spasms caused by inflammation in the legs or feet which are overactive when experiencing sciatica.

You should consider orthopedics or other treatments if you suffer from chronic lower back pain due to a spinal cord injury or another condition that affects your nervous system.

If you think you have sciatica, you should see your doctor, who will give you an initial consultation to determine what treatment is best for you based on your symptoms.

Most doctors will prescribe medication for symptomatic relief.

But if no reliable home remedy is available then an alternative treatment may be needed such as massage therapy or injections into the body.

Injections into muscles in the buttocks or legs called botulinum toxin injections or physical therapy techniques.


Areas that are Most Affected by Sciatica?

Sciatica pain can be the most challenging conditions to have when living with chronic pain, which is a painful nerve problem that affects the lower back and legs.

It usually happens when there is a tightness in the spine.

Many people experience sciatica pain at different times in their life and it can happen to anyone.

If you don’t know what you’re experiencing until it gets horrible, or worse, start to spread out to other parts of your body.

People say using massagers to be beneficial for sciatica pain.


The nerve roots

Sciatica pain is caused by the nerve roots in your spinal cord terminating in your lower back or legs.

Your nerve roots start at the top of your spinal cord which splits into two branches: L1 & L2 (the L1 being the smaller branch).

These two branches run down through the spine before they settle in the hip joint where they join up again forming the entire nerve root system.

The L2 runs down along your leg bone before it too terminates just below it on top of your shin bone (your patella).

It then continues across this bone towards the bottom of your leg where it terminates under it at the knee joint.


The pressure

People with sciatica feel pressure in their lower back as these nerves exit from their spinal cord near where they join up at the hip joint.

 Massagers for sciatica massages

When there is too much pressure from these nerves exiting from their spinal cord, depending on how severe it is.

you might experience numbness/tingling or even pins and needles all over your lower back/legs, especially if you bend forwards very suddenly.

This type of pain is often mistaken for a muscle spasm, but actually it generally involves the nerves exiting from their spinal cord.

If there is not enough pressure put on these nerves then sometimes sciatica will not cause any symptoms or only occur when bending.

What Is Causing Sciatica?

Sciatica is a painful condition in which the sciatic nerve runs from the lower back to the buttocks. It causes a pain in your buttocks and lower back.

The sciatic nerve can be stretched out of place, resulting in pain and numbness.

Sciatica pain affects 1% of adults and about 5% of adults are affected by sciatica at some point in their lives, whether it’s due to a back injury or not.

In order to relieve sciatica pain, you need to stretch out your sciatic nerve you can use a massager.


Types of Sciatica You Should Know

When it comes down on the length of the symptoms and if one of your legs or even both legs are affected, sciatica can be of several types:

Acute sciatica- is a recent onset, 4 to 8-week period of sciatic nerve pain. The pain may be manageable and may not require medical attention.

Chronic sciatica- is a chronic pain of the sciatic nerve that lasts for more than 8 weeks and usually does not go away on its own.

Depending on it’s cause, chronic sciatica may require non-surgical treatment or surgery.

Sciatica fluctuations- is a sciatic nerve pain that affects both legs alternately.

Furthermore, this type of sciatica is rare and may cause deteriorating problems in the sacroiliac joint.

Bilateral sciatica- will occur in both legs at once.

Also, this type is rare and can occur due to de-generative changes to vertebrae or disc at several levels of the spine, or severe cases such as cauda equina syndrome.


Relieve Sciatica with Vibration Therapy

Many vibration devices function like foam rolling and stretching by reducing muscle tension and improving flexibility, but have the added benefit of vibration.

Many athletes use vibrating therapy tools – such as Vibrating Massage Ball – to recover, reduce stiffness, and restore the range of motion.

These devices improve blood flow, promote healing and reduce pain.

With sciatica, you can use a vibration device for your piriformis and hamstrings. The two muscles are the most common muscle irritated in sciatica patients.

With piriformis, you can sit on device and turn the vibration setting to your liking. You can roll your body forward and backward or to stay in one place.

Portable massager with the heat to relieve sciatica pain

The massage ball works

Do what feels good to you and your body. Like a foam roll, you may start feeling good. This is when your muscles is relaxing.

However, if it does not give you the good feeling, stop or rearrange your body positioning.

When dealing with the hamstrings, place the device behind the thighs. Start Vibration Settings. Also apply moderate pressure.

Also, Like the piriformis, you can choose to stay in one position or move around while you on top of device, you always have option to stay in one place.

Either way, you will benefit from using the device.


Vibrating massage ball to help sciatica

Try the ball

Using massager to massage Sciatica Pain

The best massager for sciatica relief is a massage gun or thera-gun massager which has three or more vibration modes from low to high frequency.

Which you can choose how you want your therapy delivered.

The massage gun will deliver an alternating pulse motion; Delivering deep penetration to the muscles with greater efficiency and apply regular massage.

Relieve painful and tight muscles quickly and effectively by massaging specific muscles to increase blood circulation.

The most effective massagers have three vibrating modes: low frequency, medium frequency and high frequency.


What does it do for you?

Massagers are used for various purposes such as for relaxation, relieving stress and anxiety, improving circulation and promoting health overall.

Massages release endorphins within the body, which are naturally produced by endorphins released from our brain into our body’s bloodstream during physical activity.

Back massager cushion to help sciatica and other pain

Endorphins help reduce muscle tension, pain and inflammation by reducing blood flow into muscles that tend to become inflamed over time due to tight muscles or too much pressure on them.

That’s why people who suffer with chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus.

Often experience less pain after receiving acupuncture treatments compared with those who do not have these conditions.

Stretching out one side of the neck with the massager stimulates spinal nerves that run down the spine.

So they don’t get injured when they come into contact with each other while working together at their job.

Pay attention to how loud the gun is sounding or the gun intensity, that might have you thinking more on using it.

Massage therapy is a great way to reduce muscle pain and soreness. Furthermore, you do not need to go to a specialist or spa resorts to get results you need.


How Will You Know if it Causing you Pain?

Sciatica pain can cause intense, burning, and shooting pain in your back.

There are many causes of sciatica pain and sciatic nerve damage is the one that causes most of this pain.

However, not all cases of sciatica pain are caused by a nerve injury.

 When you experience sciatica pain, it is natural to wonder what is causing it, as well as whether it can be relieved.

Many people also wonder if massaging their sciatica will help relieve their symptoms.

While there is some evidence that massage can help relieve some types of sciatica pain like trigger finger and low back pain.

One theory for the origin of Sciatic Nerve Pain is the way your body responds to stress or physical activity such as, running a marathon.

An injury to the Sciatic Nerve can cause you to experience extreme spasticity (spontaneous twitching) or numbness in your limbs.


What Are other Treatment Options?

Sciatic nerve pain is one of the most common problems among people, and is also one of the more serious.

 It can be caused by a variety of causes, from a herniated disc in the lower back to subluxation of an adjacent nerve.

For some people, it gets worse over time; for others, it shows up after a long period of pain.

The good news is that sciatica and other types of lower back pain are not as uncommon as they used to be.

Especially when you look at how many people suffer from chronic low back pain.

Although sciatica may look like another problem, there are treatments available to help those who have this condition.

Massagers can be used to help with sciatica pain relief by relieving pressure on the area where the sciatic nerve runs through your hips and thighs.

By using a massager on your lower back, you can relieve some or all of the pain that may result from certain conditions that can cause this condition.

When you use massagers for sciatica relief, both muscles in your back will relax and allow natural pressure to flow into surrounding muscles.

This helps with other types of lower back problems too, such as sciatica.


Things to avoid doing to prevent symptoms

  • Avoid the exercises stretching hamstrings 
  • Stop picking up heavy objects
  • Stay away from physical fitness machines 
  • Having to sit over 30 minutes
  • Resting in the bed more than needed
  • Doing a lot of bending over
  • Sitting in chairs that is uncomfortable
  • Twisting your back and spine



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Final Say

When having to deal with sciatica, A massage can cause good changes to occur in your body, while easing the sciatica pain.

Furthermore, you can keep getting the changes and good feelings using the right massager to keep the pain at bay.

A key point, as the massager does what it suppose to do, you have to do extra to keep the sciatica pains from reoccuring regularly.

So I hope this article informed you with the information needed to be worry free about sciatica.

If you need to see more massagers that can help you with your sciatica problems or just want to have a massager for daily use.

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Informational purposes only, It is important to consult with a doctor or health professional.

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